10 Things Most People Don't Know About Mental Wealth

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Mental Wealth

It’s been a testing few years, and that’s putting it lightly. Amongst the many lockdowns, the economic turbulence, and a cavalcade of political strife, the 2020s haven’t exactly got off to a flying start.

During times of great hardship, it’s common to overextend one’s mental health budget. Learning to successfully regulate this budget can not only strengthen your resolve in time, but it’s essential to lead a happy and healthy day-to-day life.

Mental wealth is the true measure of how well you can control your mind’s content and whether or not you have the tools and resilience to understand your feelings. If you feel like you could be doing more to nurture this aspect of your life, here are ten points that illustrate its exceptional value.

Mental Wealth Involves Taking Responsibility

Learning to acknowledge and understand your thoughts is the key to growing your mental wealth, and this starts by taking responsibility for your wellbeing.

This includes managing your surroundings, taking care of yourself physically, and exploring your negative thoughts, even if they’re painful.

It Means Making Choices

Taking an active approach to your mental wealth and wellbeing is a must if you aim to take back your life and avoid difficult situations in the future.

This starts with making a conscious choice to do something about it.

Subsequent decisions must be made daily, be it choosing to exercise rather than stay in bed or swapping your social media for an evening of mindfulness.

Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

Toxic friends aren’t friends at all.

Creating a support network can be tricky sometimes, as it can involve some harsh decision-making, like severing ties with old friends that emanate negativity. However, positive people are crucial in creating an environment that you feel comfortable in, both externally and inside your mind.

Mental Wealth is About More than Money

Mental wealth is about more than just financial wealth and personal wellbeing – it’s also about the external influences you expose yourself to, the strategies you use to learn about yourself, your confidence and your happiness.

It Can Help You Take Risks

When the right people support you, mental wealth can help you manage risk, as you’ll be asked the right questions, encouraged, and perhaps most importantly, listened to.

This works both ways in that risk can help strengthen your mental wealth, and the sturdier your mental wealth, the easier it is to approach new challenges.

It’s More than a Metaphor

Mental wealth is often described as a bank you deposit into and withdraw from when you need it, but it’s so much more than that – it’s the accumulation of your mental journey, your collection of assets that you hold dear, and your hopes and dreams.

It Can Future Proof Your Career Prospects

As more robots and automated systems are introduced into the workplace, those with the emotional intelligence and resilience to thrive are future-proof.

It Improves Your Soft Skills

Soft skills have never been so important, and taking care of your mental wealth can help you improve them to no end.

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Mental Wealth

It Can Help You Reframe Your Life

Exploring your mental wealth can improve your perspective, allowing you to reframe your life in a way that works best for you.

It’s Fun

Taking an active approach to growing your mental wealth is fun – you can uncover new truths about yourself and learn to combat any anxiety you may face.

If you need some help tapping into your wealth, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mike Pagan today, it may provide you with the support you need to thrive both in and out of the working world.

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