Telepathy Doesn’t Exist

FFS! Will somebody please just give me the answer to the question I still haven’t asked because I don’t actually know what it is and can’t articulate it in a way that anybody else might understand? Telepathy is still, to my knowledge, not available to normal human beings. However,  we want others to read our minds and provide the solutions to all our problems, plus the winning lottery numbers?. Or is that just me?

One of the most challenging things to do in life is to ask for help because it’s seen by too many as a sign of weakness. Yet expecting others to be able to read our minds and provide solutions for current or future crises is not the answer?

Take the example of birthday presents – why can’t people just clearly share what they would like to receive? It makes the process so much easier! Oh, just surprise me, you know the sorts of things I like! I personally like to get creative in the gift department. A little bit of effort and foresight positively impacts the other person, ranging from a great anniversary gift for my wife or a clever thank you gift for a client because I’ve remembered something from previous conversations. However, a) I don’t do this consistently b) not everyone is wired this way and may therefore need some form of help and support because telepathy doesn’t exist.

When a supplier or client doesn’t understand what we need or want from them, that’s our fault. When a staff member consistently irritates us with their approach, performance or lack of …, that’s also our fault. We need to take full responsibility for how we communicate and the issues caused when information isn’t acted upon. Blaming telepathy isn’t an option – take ownership of the situation and communicate effectively to achieve the goal you want, that precious gift, the discounted price or a different solution to the challenge currently facing you.

One of the key areas where personality profiling tests prove so beneficial is when it comes to explaining why and how different people take in information, knowledge and instructions from others. A leader cannot rely on telepathy to get their staff, soldiers or players on the pitch to do what they want. The communication has to be carried out in a way that is understood by others through their particular filters, conditioning and personality type. Again it’s not telepathy.

Where are you poor at being clear with your desires, instructions or needs? Is it with your family, clients, staff or colleagues? You have to take ownership and responsibility for others understanding what you want and how to make that happen to a standard that you will be happy with. Remember, telepathy doesn’t work.

Here is your challenge – consider doing personality tests, so your staff and team understand how to work more effectively with each other. Be open to all forms of communication – instructions, presentations and pitching or uncomfortable conversations. The necessary part here is taking time to work out what you need to improve and develop further, and yes, that may well involve directly asking for help without waiting for the mind-reading experts to arrive. You can do it!

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