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Helping you achieve positive mental wealth through building hand-picked support networks
About Mike Pagan
The UK's leading spokesperson for mental wealth

Mike Pagan is a superior executive coach with more than 25 years of combined corporate business management, coaching and consulting experience. What makes Mike different? His approach is not standard – he can be blunt, direct, honest and open where necessary.

Working in isolation, be that in a company or as part of a team (yes, team isolation is very real), can often cause a lack of direction and creativity, which prevents the ability to make decisions.

Mike Explains
what is Mental Wealth
Mike's expertise

Mike is an expert in helping clients achieve positive mental wealth through building hand-picked support networks and helping them unlock significant performance improvements. His expertise includes working with entrepreneurial small businesses through to corporate board members and professional sportsmen and women, both UK and internationally.

Mike has found himself lost at points in his career, alone and isolated due to a lack of meaningful proactive support. By surrounding himself with his own hand-picked Mental Wealth team of supportive people, he’s now happier in life, more successful in business and feels more mentally and physically able to navigate the path ahead.

Coaching: Mike’s clients find their focus, become fully engaged and step into their potential. Not all coaches are suitable for you, your company or your team, so a two-way chemistry check is always necessary.

Process: Mike practises applied coaching, which always starts with a blank sheet of paper. According to simple rules of engagement, the coachee dictates the direction of each session, their agenda, and desired outcomes.

Benefits: It is statistically proven that engaged employees are more likely to stay with an organisation, perform 20 per cent better than their colleagues, and act as advocates of the business.

What Mike's clients say
How does Mike Pagan do it?
Mike Pagan Mental Wealth employs various courses and programmes to create mental wealth teams

At the heart of Mental Wealth is a single goal – for each person to build their own unique mental wealth strategy. People with strong mental wealth enjoy life, feel brave about risk-taking and decision-making. They rediscover a sense of purpose and feel positive about themselves.
Their mental wealth team touches every corner of their life. Mental Wealth aligns selfcare, fitness, social and emotional wellbeing. Mike Pagan helps individuals build those support teams through a technique known as masterminding.
Masterminding can be virtual, in person or in a group. It can feel like coaching, but it’s also like mentoring. And, crucially, it’s delivered by more than one person – a whole mental wealth team of people. In a supportive and safe environment. And it works – it’s like building a high performance team that exists solely for you. A team that’s got your back.


Backed by books and podcasts.

Complementary Mental Wealth Assessment

From The UK's Leading Mental Wealth Strategist

The questionnaire will only take a few minutes to complete and once submitted you will have the option to book a complementary 15 minute conversation with Mike personally to explore your results – no sales pitch, just an honest conversation.

Our Purpose and Vision
Our Promise
Our Promise

We promise that we will make a lasting difference to your mental wealth for the long-term. Enabling you to live life to the full, to be kind to yourself and recognise how much more you can achieve, and how much happier you are, with a committed mental wealth team surrounding and supporting you.

Our Essence
Our Essence

We unlock your personal potential and help you to remove obstacles to your success – it will be a liberating and inspiring experience. Our approach, and who we are as a brand is fun, free-spirited and adventurous as you can get.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Mental Wealth should be top of everybody’s agenda. Our brand ambition is to spread mental wealth to as many people as possible. So that we can make braver decisions and feel comfortable about making them. So that we can achieve so much more, in our professional and personal lives.