Would you Employ You??

Whether you are in charge or an employee, the boss, director or CEO. The question is still the same knowing everything you do about the role you have – on your current performance and work requirements given the choice would you employ you!??!  Be honest because only you know the answer!

Get a blank sheet of paper and spend 5-10 minutes writing out what your job description is? If you were to advertise today for someone outside of the business to come in and do your role what would the job description include?

When I ask people to do this in a workshop they spend the first few minutes jotting down the logical answers and questions

Proven Leader – Great with numbers – understands balance sheets – strategic planner – motivator – sales track record – large network of connections in the industry – Communication Written and Oral – Team work – Planning and Organising Resources – Knowledge and Experience

As the Logical responses start to dry up the creativity starts to flow a bit deeper and some of the real skills come through that are needed

Liaison and Networking – Service Delivery – Talent Management – Computer Skills – Decision Making Processes  – Initiative and Problem Solving – Analysis and Research – Sensory and Physical Demands – Pastoral Care and Maintenance – Teaching and Learning Support

This is not a conclusive list and is designed to get you thinking about the role you have within your current position now. The game changes when I ask you to focus on what you actually do a day by day – now take another sheet of paper and start a new list of what your day to day activities are. What do you do?

Nobody is going to mark or assess this, it’s purely down to you so the more honest you are the more benefit you can gain from this exercise. The list below is purely to help get you going – it is not an answer sheet but more to stimulate your thinking.


Team Management – Reviews

Proposals – Report Writing


Service Delivery


HR – Hire – Fire – Nurture

IT – Upgrade – Manage – Support

Finances – Invoicing – Receivables


Strategy – Long-term Planning


Market Research



Pastoral Care and Maintenance

Team Development – Support & Coaching

External Relationships KPI’s

External Finance & Support

Meetings – Internal & External

And now the other stuff – the list you would prefer not to admit to but on a daily basis take you off task and keep you busy doing other stuff.

Making Coffee – Opening up – locking up – Fetching the post – Going to the supermarket – Sorting the parking disagreement – Social media researching / Stalking and FAFFing about.

While we like to think we are in control of most things in our businesses and the way we work – we are not always able to take control. Taking aside the uncontrollable elements that happen – are you the right person currently to be doing your job? Seeing what the job actually entail, if you were to advertise the role today would you employ you? If not why not?

Through personal reflection and honesty we can answer these questions fairly and then take action where there are issues and gaps. If there are roles or responsibilities that you are not skilled for or experienced at how can you develop and improve – what could you do to improve. Or should this role now be delegated or outsourced.

One of the greatest weaknesses of business men and women across the world is their inability to delegate and let go – which means a serious percentage of time and effort is lost working below their paygrade is huge.

Would you employ you?– if not make changes – do not stay with the status quo because its easier, it will cost you more in the long run. Of course, if your support team around you isn’t asking the right questions or challenging you enough then ask for help – who knows how I could help – [email protected]

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