Can you hear singing??

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. We’ve heard the phrase a hundred times, it sounds politically incorrect nowadays, as well – what does it really mean to you?

How many times have you reached the point where you have basically given up on something in your mind, you were about to walk away and concede defeat but something changes right at the last minute and so does the result? Of course, the other side of that equation does happen as well when you manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – it ain’t over ‘til it’s over!

Over and over in sport the statement that it’s still mathematically possible to win means you cannot quit – if you ease off the pace, switch off mentally or just go into mental cruise control the coach will have you afterwards. Football matches where the team is down by two goals with the clock nearly up and they come back to win, the tennis two sets down and a break and still the game is not over and they come back and win or 30 runs in cricket being scored off the last over to win.

When have you been guilty of not seeing something through to the end or simply quitting before you actually try? Call it GRIT, perseverance, tenacity or maybe even just a little bit of stubbornness. There is a beautiful taste of victory when it is a victory that if we are entirely honest is unexpected but for the fact that you didn’t give up.

We can talk about sporting situations for hours here, however the connection needs to be made to your business dedication, application and tenacity. If you are performing at your best every day, day-in and day-out the probability is that you will never let your guard down or slip off the pace in that final surge towards winning the client, keeping the client or building that empire you desire.

I believe in business, as in life, it’s vital to have that support team – the PowerTeam holding you accountable and keeping you true to your direction will prevent these challenging days of loss, that are in the main preventable. It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings. Of course, if your support team around you isn’t asking the right questions or challenging you enough then ask for help – who knows how I could help – [email protected]

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