Why you should always speak your mind

It can be a challenge to speak your mind in some situations, but it is always the best thing to do. People are not capable of understanding your thoughts unless you vocalise them, and whilst it’s tempting to assume your opinion is obvious this is not always the case. In fact, the majority of the time, misunderstandings can be avoided if both parties are simply honest in their thoughts. Leaving someone to interpret what they believe your thoughts to be allows a lot of potential for error.

Many reports have found that those people who do not speak their mind suffer higher levels of stress. This is for two reasons. Firstly, those who have things unsaid often replay situations in their mind, reliving the discussion and wishing they had been able to say what they truly thought. This creates significant stress levels, as different outcomes are explored which cannot be achieved and anxiety builds over realising you did not say what you have intended to or would have liked. Secondly, those who are able to speak their mind generally are more assertive and less likely to have advantage taken over them. In the modern world, there are unfortunately large numbers of people who rely on the fact that their colleagues or friends are too polite or passive to express their true feelings or to say ‘no.’ This can lead to immense frustration and feeling overstretched by commitments which were not your responsibility but with which you were not able to disagree or decline.

In general, the more assertive members of society are those who ultimately command greater respect. Whilst you may not always want to hear what you are told, people tend to respect those who are willing to speak out and say those uncomfortable things. It makes interactions easier and more transparent, with no fear of duplicity or deception. Moreover, once you start being honest and speaking your mind you may find that others around you begin to follow suit. Ultimately, this improves communications throughout the home or workplace, if everybody is able to express their views in a tactful, respectful but honest way and work towards solutions. It also removes the possibility of reflecting on a situation after it has finished and regretting what you didn’t say. You have a responsibility to your own identity and to yourself to be honest and vocalise the things you need to express, as long as you are not being deliberately hurtful. Hiding your true thoughts can lead to pain in the future, as your own needs are not met.

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