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What is Mental Wealth?

Mental Wealth is a combination of mental health balanced with support, wellbeing, fitness, health, nutrition and diet. So many of us forget or neglect to look after ourselves and this makes us less wealthy. Many times, I have stated that isolation kills creativity and prevents decision making, which in turn can have a direct effect on your mental wealth. When you work or perform solely as an individual you risk a great deal of introspection, procrastination and faffing about not actually doing what needs to be done to achieve your goals. And that is assuming that there are clear goals set in place in the first place.

Is your mental wealth fit for purpose for you as an individual and within your teams across your business? Mental wealth comes from the pursuit of your true potential and positive wellbeing with a committed support network that I refer to as a Mental Wealth Team. Having the focus on looking after your mental and physical demands with the support of others will improve your psychological state leading to a positive impact on your mental health.

It’s important to understand that we’re all on a mental health spectrum which is always fluctuating. You’ve had successes and failures, problems or issues; your mental health can be very positive, or it can be very harmful to you, depending on where you sit along the spectrum at any one time.

The standard definition of wealth is “a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing”. It could be said that you are wealthy, or lacking in wealth, at different times in your life. For me the goal of mental wealth is “the simple life” – to be doing what I love and to love what I do, surrounded by the people I love, who love me.

How do you achieve good mental wealth? By building a team around you to help deal with the isolation that is part of everyone’s life at different times. We are social animals and need support and input from others; separation can cause stress, heartache, and isolation which is difficult, at times, to avoid.

In order to be fit for purpose you need the support of others to be successful in life; you cannot do it on your own. When you take shortcuts, or choose to avoid the need for others, expensive mistakes and self-created problems can and do occur. With just a pinch of hindsight, you realise they were considerable errors of judgment.

The mental wealth team consists of four key components and each one will vary in importance and number of people depending upon the individual.

•          Self-care that nurtures your soul, your wellbeing and spiritual needs: your fitness instructor, nutritionist, travel consultant or even your party planner

•          The right coach for the path ahead: unlocking greater potential than you can achieve on your own

•          Your team of professionals: wealth manager, legal eagle, accountant

•          The mastermind group: peer support, empowering others to hold you accountable while you provide the same support for them in a mutually supportive ecosystem

Knowing about your mental wealth is just the start, along with the mental wealth of your business, being fit for purpose is the real challenge. Time to ask better questions of yourself and of those around you, with positive mental wealth life becomes so much more fun and enjoyable in everything that you do.

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