Life in Transition Podcast Ep:08 Mel Eves

  • Former professional footballer with Wolverhampton Wanderers from the age of 18 – 214 appearances and 53 goals during his 9 years at Molineux, they won the League Cup at Wembley in 1980. He had a career threatening injury aged 27, rupturing his Achilles tendon he continued one for several more years before having to retire.
  • Since football Mel has been an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) and one of the most respected FIFA Player’s Agents in the country. Now he is a fully qualified Performance Master Coach, a sports journalist and pundit, writing his own weekly sports column as well as being a regular match summariser on BBC Radio.

Mel has founded the Sports Parents Association (SPA) which has been set up to provide impartial and informed advice regarding every aspect that a child could encounter throughout their sporting journey, with the wellbeing of the child the overriding concern.

  • Success Mantra

Attitude is everything it determines your altitude – what you think about comes about

  • Best advice –

Nothing will just land in your lap – you must put it in to get out

  • One must do action or pearl of wisdom!

Ask for help – always Ask

It’s not just the team of me

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