Life in Transition Podcast Ep: 01 Darren Harris

Blind Paralympian in not just one sport – Darren is a double Paralympic athlete and mathematics graduate, competing in Judo and Football – at a tender age north of 40 he continues to compete today for the English Blind Football team!

His career outside of football is a performance coach and speaker. With a clear focus on getting outstanding results for clients, finding those game changers that make a difference, and sharing wonderful anecdotes that illustrate his message.

  • Success Mantra

If it was easy everyone would be doing it – success must come with a struggle!

  • Best advice –

Achieving my own personal best always made me push on no matter what I was faced with

  • One must do action or pearl of wisdom!

Remember your journey, who is in your network that you have worked with or had contact with over your career, they are the ones to work with now.

A book for consideration Norman Doidge The Brain that changes itself

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