When I asked delegates on a recent course to introduce themselves to me as if we were meeting for the first time at an event or seminar, each one inadvertently sold at me straight away. I got the history of their business or their time with the company followed by a long shopping list of all the amazing things they did in the company. Then as an afterthought came the line, “and who are you and what do you do?”

First impressions really do make the difference – I appreciate we want to make the best connections when we meet people out and about and share ourselves in the best light possible by shouting about our brilliance, successes and capability. Nobody cares. Certainly nobody cares at first, that all comes later when there is intrigue.

In my book, “FAFF the False Art of Feeling Fulfilled” I share the teaching of Robert Middleton and Robert Craven on the need to follow through the baseball field when we meet someone for the 1st time – only 1 in a 1000 times might you achieve a home run when you meet people for the first time, the goal here is to get to intrigue, or 2nd base where the person say the simple line, “That’s interesting, tell me more.”

There are hundreds of courses on how to create the best elevator pitch for you, with that killer introduction that will make prospects flow at great speed to you. Many of these random programmes over promise and under deliver. I don’t believe that all these courses are poor, I believe they aren’t implemented properly or stuck to. When delivered correctly it really is a simple script and therein lies the problem- most people do not treat an elevator pitch as a script.

Turning up at an event with the mindset of, “I’ll just say what feels right when I get there” will give an average response at best for most. There needs to be a balance between an over rehearsed script that sounds slick, soulless and false with winging – I’ve always created several versions that I can pick and choose from according to the situation, the venue, the weather the time of year, my personal energy etc.

Preparation is the key here – the more prepared you are the more effortless it all looks, the background work has been done and you have a back catalogue of introductions you can choose from. If you need help here creating the right elevator pitch for you then ask your coach for help, ask your business colleagues and friends to help or take a course. Stop winging it and not getting the optimum results that are out there, ASK as always seek help rather than doing it all on your own.

Building Elevator Pitches Programme!

In the world of help I have an online programme for building memorable Elevator Pitches – 8000 people have taken this programme, 175 have written reviews on it so it must be pretty good. Follow the link here to the discounted page on the website – it can make the difference between meeting and connecting with the best prospect, collaborator or business guru for you for this year. First impressions matter to make sure you are making the right first impression.

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