Life in Transition Podcast Ep:04 Danny Ligairi-Badham

Danny Ligairi-Badham – Rugby Union, Rugby League and Basketball. Son of former SAS major Ilisoni Ligairi and adopted at the age of one by a Worcestershire family. Former professional sportsman in three sports, now coach, philanthropist and acting alongside the likes of Tom Hardy in the series Taboo. Some great words in this interview on transition and your legacy.

  • Success Mantra

How much of a difference are you going to make?

  • Best advice –

Take every opportunity and empty the tank – words given to Danny by Ben Ryan former Fiji rugby 7s coach, you have to give every opportunity everything you have got, only then can you succeed fully. This worked for the sporting career and has now transferred into business and acting.

  • One must do action or pearl of wisdom!

Be you in everything you do – if you are not sure what to do get a double headed coin with your head on each side and flip it when you need to.

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