5 ways to build a good working relationship with co-workers

Workplace relationships are crucial in the world of work. Not only do good working relationships help to build and shape your career but they also make your working day far more pleasant and less stressful. However, there is nearly always at least one person you may clash or butt heads with, it is important to try and maintain at least a good professional working relationship even if that doesn’t extend to outside of work. It is rare in any business for someone to work completely independently meaning positive relationships are the key to being able to work as team when necessary. Building those relationships takes time to achieve: here are five ways that you can spend time developing to build good working relationships with your co-workers.

  1. Respect – Respect is a two way street and if you expect to get it from your co-workers then you will have to give it. Be respectful of your colleague’s feelings, ideas and situations and they will in turn be respectful of yours which will build a strong working relationship. It is difficult to have a relationship of any kind if you don’t have respect for that person.
  2. Admit mistakes – Nobody is perfect and everyone can make mistakes – That means you too! – It is important to admit those mistakes when you make them. Your colleagues are going to know when you make a mistake and if by denying your error others get punished, you are not going to build relationships with anyone. Admitting when you are wrong or have made an error will build trust between you and your co-workers.
  3. Take an interest – During your break times or after work, it is a good idea to take an interest in your colleague’s lives. Ask your colleagues questions about their interests, their education and their personal lives without digging too far. Having an understanding of your co-workers personal lives will often help you to work better together.
  4. Be likeable – When building relationships with your co-workers you need to be likeable above all else. By supportive, listen and show a level of care to your colleagues. Adopt a positive and likeable attitude towards every single colleague, even those who you may not particularly like. Steer clear of any clicks that may have formed and try to get on with everyone. Picking favourites is often detrimental to building good working relationships.
  5. Communication – If you are going to work as a successful team then communication is key. Be mindful of how your actions may impact others and communicate your plans to prepare others. For example if you are busy and unable to take a call then simply explain to a colleague that you are snowed under and ask that they take a message rather than just refusing to take a call. Communicating openly with your colleagues will encourage relationships to form.

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