Life in Transition Podcast Ep:09 Matt Windle

Birmingham’s Poet Laureate by day & professional super flyweight boxer by night, Matt delivers workshops, performances and poetry-boxercise to schools, libraries, foster homes, young offenders. Matt has performed spoken word/slam poetry since 2007 while continuing his career as a professional boxer. He’s the MATT Man!

Make sure you listen to the end as a massive treat he delivers one of his poems for you!


  • Success Mantra

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

Adapt Improvise and overcome!

  • Best advice –

Nothing will land in your lap – you have to work hard for it! Find new ways to better yourself – you know when you are being lazy.

  • One must do action or pearl of wisdom!

Find your niche – Consider your passions out of sport – there are other options outside of your sport built on your skills and traits

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